Thursday, November 16

Today, coffee. Tomorrow...well, we'll see...

It's officially NANO crunch time. To stay on track with my mid-late month goals I need about 20k words in the next few days. At least.

(I refuse to say I am behind, that does crap for the moral)

Excellent timing, considering I was looking for a diversion from the rest of my life anyway. However, this does require bringing out the heavy artillery: the Black Death, surefire lubricant of words stuck deep in my brain and deliverer of said words to my fingertips.

Reminder, nobody said they had to be good words.

Echo hadn't heard a bean grinder in so many days he jumped away from his food bowl and went back to bed. Smart dog, this could get ugly.

Today's schedule is a follows:

9-11:30am- Nano'd*
11:30-1p Dog park/feed the writer break.
1-4p - Nano'd with accompaniment
4-5p - Sanity/food break

This evenings festivities may change considering I offered to accompany S to some live theatre (something I had no business doing, trust me) but as it looks likely she may not even make it, I'm not counting on it. So Option A: No Theatre

5-10p Nano like hell.

Option B:

5-6 Nano like hell.
6-10 Keep promise
11-1a Nano

Okay. Deadline set. This is the fun part. Coffee's ready.

*Nanod: (verb) No email, no tv, no blogging, no phone in order to facilitate completion of NaNoWriMo project. Syn. To isolate oneself completely while dragging words kicking and screaming from one's brain.

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