Sunday, November 12

Why the bed will never be 'made'

So my very nifty new Ikea duvet for my very nifty (very warm) down comforter really does look best when it's stretched tautly over the bed.

With Echo's gianormous crate at the foot of the bed and against the wall, my secondary bed access point is cut off.* So every time I have to get at something stashed on the shelf side of the bed (my phone, laptop, journal, box of Kleenex, etc.) i have to crawl across the comforter.

Which seems to come immediately after the "bed making" takes place. So it always looks like someone made a bed, then did a jig on it.


*Yes, I have tried several different arrangements, but as this is not really "my" room (rather space under extremely generous loan) my probability drive is limited in terms of possible setups.

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