Thursday, November 9

Yes, I am still bitter...

...over the lost words. I promise to get over it after this post, but at the moment I still can't even look at the damn program. One thousand plus hard fought, hard won words. Gone.

Damn it!

(and don't tell me I should have been saving more often -- Cause you'd be right)



Blogger Eugene said...

I often hear that when forced to retype something from memory, the second version is stronger. That wouldn't make me feel any better about having to do the work over again though.

Re: saving more often, I never trust the autosave feature. College taught me to be obsessive about it. If you're still using Word, CTRL-S is the shortcut to save your document--I have trained myself to press these keys whenever I pause for a thought, at any break in my writing, which will catch very nearly everything in the event of a catastrophic runtime error. At this point I'm not even aware that I'm doing it, so it's become my own "autosave."

It's also sometimes possible to recover a document from the Word temp file. Obviously it's too late now, and I'd probably have to be on your computer to poke around, but it's worth trying if you lost say 10000 words of a novel.

11/13/2006 8:45 PM  

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