Thursday, November 9

NANOWRIMO Word Count: 4,500

So just in time for my second week wall, I get a nice little note from the folks at NANOWRIMO reminding us not to quit in the second week. Apparently week two is when a host of different obstacles batter the intrepid writer. For me, it's that old feeling of getting behind again.

Let's face it, I've always been terrible at the "write a little bit every day" strategy. After all, that's what I've been doing for the last 9 days (give or take, minus travel dates and hanging out with Na) and I'm ONLY 4,500 words in. I've always been more of the "give me a deadline and I will wait until the last minute and spend the last 48 hours sleepless, hopped up on caffeine and writing like my life depends on it...Which it does."

Yes, this is unhealthy. My goal now, write a little MORE every day. I'm hoping I can eventually break years of my journalistic writer under deadline style. God knows if I don't actually publish something that way, it just might kill me.

Hell, it probably will kill me anyway.

Okay okay, off to work.

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