Sunday, December 31

and a Happy New Year...

Well, I think the time has come to bid you farewell. I confess, I haven't been back here much lately because I just haven't got much to say. Yes, I'm still writing, and yes, I still hope to one day find myself in the stacks alongside the writers I grew up with. However, as the new year approaches I find myself more and more engaged in the doing, less with the talking about doing. Which I take as a good thing.

The purpose of this blog is done, so I'd rather call it now than let it fade away.

Should there there's anyone out there left at all, thanks for coming by, but I'm closing up shop. Wishing you all the best, this new year and every year :-)

(Although, ask me to tell you how much a pain in the *ss is to get WA plates. Long story short, it sucks...)

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Thursday, November 30

I did it..i did it...i did it!

You are looking at a first time winner of NANOWRIMO :-)


The last ten or so pages are delirious nonsense, but nobody said they had to be good words. It's enough to make the baby jezus cry.


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Wednesday, November 29

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled NANOWRIMO cram session... bring you the following announcement:

Check out a new take on the old expression "when pigs fly," at Strange Horizons -- Cat Rambo's Magnificent Pigs, is available on the website.

In other news...I'm just passing 40,000 words. Sweet baby jezus I might actually make it this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

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