Saturday, October 28

I am in love. Her name is Delli. She is fast...

Two days without New Delli and I thought I would loose my mind.

What began as a quick in and out for a memory upgrade, revealed a misbehaving hard drive as the true reason Delli has been dragging her ass everytime I asked for something the last few weeks. Turns out she was quite capable, just hamstrung by her owner's illusions of internal brilliance (yeah, tampering with the settings). I felt truly awful for complaining that she was already too old and obsolete to handle the job, and maybe I aught to finally switch to a mac and give up this PC- of-sh*t.

So, with tears welling, I agreed to leave her at the shop for a thorough once over by the kind guys at Circular Systems.

In two days I realized how pitifully dependent I am on my sweet Delli. A hundred times a day my fingers reached for the keyboard that wasn't there: check email, make notes, IM Amira...I fretted over short story starts that would be lost if she didn't return intact (why, oh why didn't I back things up more often?!) I fussed over the fact that I am a few chapters away from finishing my friend's crit, and how would I type up the last bit without the assistance of my little helpmate (you mean I might actually have to take notes, on a piece of paper -- with a PEN?!)

So today I had just gotten over my anxious waiting spell when the call came. Of course I missed it, I was at the gym, watching Yo Mamma and trying not to ruin the intensity of my lunge sets with snorts of laughter. I got in at four thirty and checked the message. Could I possibly brave bumper car afternoon traffic to go downtown to pickup my darling?

You bet your ass I could.

Together again, and so much faster than before. I love you Delli, I do, I do, I do... I promise never to f*ck up your settings again. Pinkie Swear.



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