Friday, November 17

Leonids are back...

This weekend, my favorite astronomical phenomenon will be taking place in the night sky. The annual Leonid Shower is promising to make a great show this year in North America and Western Europe. Unfortunately for those of us on the west coast catching the meteor shower that takes its name from the constellation Leo means getting up extra early tomorrow pre-dawn early.

Not my favorite time of morning to be conscious. However it is a once a year event so I think I can make an exception.

Anyone know of any great stargazing spots outside of Seattle?

Also of note:
  • The birthday of the amazing Cat Rambo! See, Cat, even the cosmos puts on a show in honor of your day :-)
  • Ski and Snowboard Expo at Qwest field this's first stadium zipline (guess who WON'T be sailing accross the top of the stadium strapped in by her woo-woo)
  • "Hip Hop: Back to its Roots" happens this weekend at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center here in Seattle. Three days of music, speakers, spoken word. Not to be missed.



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