Thursday, April 27


Wow, can't believe I've been gone so long. Betcha thought I dropped off the face of the planet or something?

Well, surprise, here she be.

In the last month:
  • I finished my Horseboy rewrite (now titled Mareskin) and am starting to pack it around.
  • I got a new job! Starting in June I will be rowing an oar raft down stretches of river all summer long. Woohoo.
  • Packing to move (again) this time it's temporary, I'm just giving up my apartment until the fall when I'll need a place to live again.
  • Getting my writing goals down for the next couple of months. The nice part is, with a non desk job I am going to be WAY more motivated to get back to the writing business.
So I promise I'll be here more regularly in the next few months as I take on a new project (writing for the Disney/ABC fellowship with Amy) and other good stuff. See you soon!


Clarion West Write-a-Thon

Just when Clarion withdrawal started to set in (about this time last year was agonizing over whether I could get the time off work to go) I found out about the CW Write-a-thon.

Here's the scoop:
"During the six weeks of the workshop (June 18-July 28, 2006), while the current students are studying with some of the finest writers and editors in speculative fiction, graduates of earlier workshops and other members of the Clarion West community declare their current writing goals and solicit individual sponsors in support of those goals to raise money to support the workshop."

Apparently all I have to do (hahaha) is write! I come up with writing goal for the six weeks and do it.
  • Why? Well it's fun, a great recharge on ye old discipline, writing en masse is fun, and it raises funds for CW. Like most "fillintheblank" - a -thons participants raise funds by inviting sponsors to pledge support based on a goal.
  • How can you help? I'll post the updated website with it's very own donation button as soon as it's, well, updated. I'll keep regular posts on my Write-a-Thon progress so you can see how I'm doing and choose to pledge a flat amount, match me, or an amount based on how well I'm meeting my goal.
  • Also, From now until the end of the workshop ALL donations made to the tip jar on this page will go straight to CW - 100%! No kidding!
My Goal:

Since my NANOWRIMO project was sidelined last fall, I'm pledging to finish the novel I started by writing 10,000 words a week for the six weeks of Clarion West. (Which, the way I wrote during CW amounts to about a not so short story a week!) As Vylar mentioned in her last year write-a-thon goal, my hope is to relax and let the first draft come as it will, trusting the rewrite and editing process to make it pretty!