Monday, September 12

An ode to people who post comments on blogs:

Can I just say -- as an charming egoist -- that I love you all!

Yes, support corporate booksellers -- they are not going to go away any time soon, so make them stock their shelves with books they wouldn't ordinarily by buying the few oddballs they do. You have the money, you have the power! Buy books that they have to ORDER! If they won't order them write a letter and tell them how disappointed you are that you have to take your business elsewhere!

AND (more importantly) support your local, mom and pop booksellers, Indy and used bookstores -- let them know you love them and are thankful that they still care about providing books the major chains won't bother with...Meet interesting people, read books with Karma and pet the shop dogs and cats that guard the stacks. Don't just buy a book -- have a life experience that you just can't find when Starbucks is next to the magazine rack!

I am moving beyond either/or thinking...I'm all about AND, AND, AND (which makes for some pretty damn long sentences) because BUT, BUT, BUT is negative, boring and non-productive.

YES I know that's a lot of books! That's the point! Read more books! Unlike caffeine, pot or even chocolate reading more books can only make you smarter, more well rounded, open minded, imaginative and benefit your overall health !

(I find that it cannot, however, make you spell any better)

And finally -- here's to coincidence (of which there really are none) and synchronicity (of which there are more than you think) -- to fellow CWers living 3,000 miles apart and reading the same damn book!